Interactive installation 


Project brief

Modularity or the idea of creating complex systems by aggregating and recombining simpler parts as modules. It is one of the basic ideas in the design of systems. It is widely used in all areas of design, specially architecture. Most complex systems in our society are built in a modular fashion. Almost all software systems in existence are modular.

In this project you are asked to conceptualize, design, prototype, fabricate and deploy/install an interactive modular system.

Case year: 2018


The concept

E.motion is an installation given life by the data gathered from the emojis in tweets. It is a mechanical heart which beats with our collective emotions in the world, in a country, in a city or through a hashtag. For its first demonstration, e.motion is beating with the emotions of its city of birth, Amsterdam.

Twelve different emotions (motivation, angry, festive, confused, disgusted, fancy, horny, fear, hungry, joyful, in love, and sad) were decided and all emojis were categorized under certain, and sometimes multiple, emotions. These balls, linked to their individual motors, are being pulled and pushed depending on the number of related emojis have been used for a certain time. This way, our twelve modules, also linked to each other with wires, create a lively cloud of emotions.

With all its roughness and bareness, e.motion is also a comment on the realness of our digital lives. While pure white papers, with all their flaws and fragile natures, portray our ‘ever-good’ online self-image, and reflects people trying to be something that they are not, hiding their true selves and, thus, betraying a certain faithfulness. e.motion, the true mechanic heart of our online presence, doesn’t hide, it doesn’t try to be beautiful, it doesn’t try to be something that it is not; it is brutal and open with all its bare materials and structure.

Final installation video


Project team

Clara Lanthiez - Vera van Horik - Sander Boer - Bugra Kantar - Vincent de Bel - Milan van der Maaten