The Forthcoming 



Project brief

How do we make employees of small-sized Dutch companies aware of the sustainability impact and facilitate a corporate environment that supports a bottom-up approach?

Case year: 2018


The solution

The concept is based on serious gaming; games which use the motivation levers of the game design – such as competition, curiosity, collaboration, individual challenge; to enhance the motivation of participants to deal with complex issues.
'The Forthcoming' is a serious escape room game that combines the story and knowledge about complex issues with the challenge in which people are 'locked' in a room together and have to find a way out. A series of puzzles - when solved - reveals the way out. It takes outside-the-box thinking and real teamwork to come up with the answers.

The Forthcoming is an entry point in a transition of a company into a sustainable, conscious one. It creates a connection between companies and WWF. The game is based on a strong narrative that communicates sustainability problems while providing people with an immersive experience that stimulates problem-solving and group-work. A successful completion of the game helps to spread the awareness and initializes the critical sustainability problem thinking, and ability to allocate problems at the companies.

The Forthcoming ends with participants ideating and brainstorming ideas for improvements at their own company in order to successfully escape. By encouraging users to speak up and by creating an environment where the new ideas are welcomed, we help to set the strong foundation for a bottom-up approach and the further actions towards more sustainable corporate behavior.

The Forthcoming walkthrough

The video below shows a walkthrough of the serious escape room game and an explanation of the puzzles.

The landing page

The video below shows an animation of The Forthcoming landing page.

Project team roles

Clara Lanthiez: Research - Concept - VR 3D environment
Gabriela Prattingerova Research - Concept - Visual identity
Adriaan Oudemans Research - Concept - 3D environment
Milan van der Maaten Research - Concept - Visual identity - Website - Website animation