Mobile Launcher  



Project brief

How can we enrich the experience of our customers with a 'Horizon go TV box' at home, and in the Amsterdam Arena?

Case year: 2016


The solution

A mobile launcher which gives the customers of Ziggo with a 'Horizon Go TV box' the possibility to continue watching TV on their phone, see what their friends are watching, add tv shows to their watchlist, see relevant apps, and see a social media feed based on hashtags which are related to the tv show that the user is watching. Besides that, the phone can be used as a remote for the TV box.

Next to this enriched 'home experience', we enriched the experience for Ziggo customers who are watching a football match at the Amsterdam Arena. The launcher shows the score, a live social media feed, and the match statistics. Besides that, the user has the possibility to replay the highlights of the match on their phone and to vote for man of the match.

Project team

Zjanna Reinders: Concepting - UI Design
Barry Borsboom: Concepting
Danijel Bonacic: Concepting
Milan van der Maaten: Concepting - UI Design