Business design challenge 


Project brief

How do we create an internship match between student and company which fit the needs and wishes of both, and fits within the requirements of the university?


The solution

As students, we experienced that finding the right internship can be very useful for your professional development. The struggle we had in order to do this gave us the motivation to change the process of finding an internship.

With internship platform Poplar we make it easier for young professionals to find internships by showing a list of organizations that are matched to specific requirements and competencies, but also helping organizations by generating a list of most suitable candidates for internships based on their needs and wants.

Students have the guarantee on a reaction after they applied for an internship. The platform only shows internships that fit the school requirements, and all the paperwork is digitalized.


Project team

Seif Aljan: Research - Concept
Vincent de Bel: Research - Concept - UI Design
Milan van der Maaten: Research - Concept - UI Design